What Qualifies as a Product Liability Claim?

A product liability claim is a legal case brought on by a user being injured from a defective product or a product that has not been labeled correctly. Depending on the defect, these injuries can be severe, and in extreme cases, result in disability or death. To know if you have a product liability claim, it is important to understand the different types of defective products that can qualify.

Products that Lack Proper Warning Labels: When a product does not have instructions or safety warning levels, consumers can easily get injured. This can include items like tea kettles, electric blankets, and hand tools.

Products with a Defective Design: This type of defect generally effects a whole line of manufactured products and can result in product recalls due to injury. Often times these products are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications, but the design is in fact dangerous. Some examples include a hip implant which causes the user greater pain because of a flaw or a model of car which can’t make turns without flipping over.

Products with a Manufacturing Flaw: When an individual product has a flaw it is due to an error that takes place during the production process, and effects one product versus the entire line. Examples of a manufacturing flaw include medicine being tainted with a poisonous substance, a vehicle made without brake pads, or a hole in a CPAP mask.

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