Premise Liability/Slip and Fall

While you should always feel safe when you go out shopping or to a friend’s apartment for dinner, there are times when you can get hurt due to the negligence of others. If a property manager or landlord fails to create a safe environment, you are exposed to risks like icy sidewalks, faulty wiring, or even robbery and assault and its time to hire an experienced slip and fall attorney in Denver or Albuquerque.

At Wainwright Injury Law in Denver, we have attorneys experienced in premise liability and we work hard to ensure that the neglectful party is brought to justice. We fervently seek damages for people who have been injured at no fault of their own due to lack of signage, improper security precautions, and poor maintenance. One of the most common injuries we see is slip and fall cases, where a person is injured from an icy, city sidewalk, wet spills on a retail floor, and poorly maintained stairs and walkways in apartment complexes. We know that each injury is different, so our slip and fall attorneys in Denver and Albuquerque work with you closely to determine who was at fault and get you the compensation you deserve.

Going to meet a friend for coffee should never result in an injury. If you have been hurt on someone else’s property or on public property, contact the Law Offices of Allan L. Wainwright. One of our Slip and Fall attorneys in Denver or Albuquerque will provide you with a free case evaluation. We proudly serve all of Colorado and New Mexico!